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Founding Mission

The founding Mission of BIG is to develop human resources for Society at early stage.

Our founding team is formed by human resources professionals who are enthusiastic with child development. Our mission is to develop children to be happy and independent stars for society. Developing a balanced set of people intelligence is the foundation of learning: children have to learn early, practise early and achieve early.

We are human resources professionals, we are fully aware of how organizations select and train their employees. It draws to our attention that our younger generation, as well as quite many university graduates, lacks of positive learning attitude and has minimum concepts of fundamental social and communication skills. Some extreme cases are worth concerns; young applicants need their parents accompanying them to interviews, even worse, their parents sit in their recruitment interviews. Our younger generation needs brush up in their social competence. We have to face this adverse problem which directly affects social harmony, difficulties in recruiting positive candidates, and ultimately supply of future human resources.

Effective habit building starts from childhood; BALANCED Intelligence™ is founded to develop children with effective habits in social and communication at early stage.

Group games resemble group work in adult world; play with rules resembles work with rules, both situations need associating with different people. Children take up different roles in group games and activities, completing co-operative games together means mission accomplished. Playing interactive group games becomes an effective training medium.

Founding BALANCED Intelligence™ is to develop children’s social competence at early stage through interactive group games:learn early, practise early and achieve early.