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Management Development from Childhood

古語有云:「養兒壹佰歲, 長憂九十九」。 作為在職家長的你,可有同感呢? 你能運用管理概念和技巧在工作上,你可否應用在培訓和發展你的孩子?你分配了工作給你的同事,從不用站在旁邊監視完成工作,那麼為何要陪讀陪做才能完成孩子的溫習和功課?孩子需要培訓還是陪?我們擔憂的問題往往是「孩子能懂得照顧自己嗎? 將來能否出人頭地嗎?」為協助你們尋找種種解決良方,平衡智能™於教育講座分享如何有效地啟發『兒童學管理』及怎樣實踐『學管理兒童』。

How Are Management Concepts Applied to Child Development? Parents at work should think about it. Have you ever applied your working concepts and management techniques into developing your own children. You allocate assignments to your colleagues, will you stand beside them until they get their job done? However, why do you always supervise your children so closely to complete their homework and studies? Do you want to baby-sit or able to do it? We have all the practical examples applied at daily lives to assist you in clearing all your worries: Can my child know how to manage himself? Can she be a professional? Solutions are provided in our famous educational talks: “Management Development from Childhood”.




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